Music – It is a BUSINESSProfessionalism or Lack Thereof on the Indie SceneStand Out From The CrowdThe Return of Break Loose Entertainment!

Music – It is a BUSINESS

So, I have decided to write today about something that I have been talking, yelling, venting and shouting from the rooftops about now for a long time...if you are in a band, that band is your company.  If you perform, you are an employee.  If you are a musician, you are providing a service.  In…
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Professionalism or Lack Thereof on the Indie Scene

Eight years that I have been working with indie artists.  That is a long time.  I often reflect on my job with the school-board that I have been doing for four years and know that that is a long time for me.  By far the longest "job" that I have ever done.  And yet, that…
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Stand Out From The Crowd

Alright.  Seeing that I have been at this music industry thing for a long time, I feel that I have some decent advice to impart and many things to share that I feel can help a new artist that is coming up on the scene and even that artist that has been grinding for years but cannot…
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The Return of Break Loose Entertainment!

After 363 days, October 30th, 2016 came around.  We had packed things up and decided to leave the music scene in Ontario.  We left for various reasons.  Life got busy, I (Lance) lost my passion for putting on shows and the market seemed to be congested with companies that were copying our model and competing for…
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